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Hello Desi Brides. Whether you’re going for a traditional look or making a statement with a modern twist, your jewellery will help bring the look together. From long pendants to matha patti’s ( head jewellery ) you have so much options to play with when it comes to your wedding accessories. You can choose contrasting pieces to colour matching the exact palette to your bridal outfit. How fun! I’m a bit of a magpie and anything vintage or sparkly will catch my eye like an eagle catching it’s prey. I love how a simple piece can amp up a plain jane outfit, I also like to take a leap and not just stick to usual necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I’m always on the hunt for body accessories as they really do make a statement. I have picked out my favourite jewellery pieces so you can take some inspiration from and really make your wedding outfit that extra bit special. 

Armlet (Bajuband)

Armlet’s are one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and they are so underrated. Imagine this armlet teamed up with a short sleeve heavily embroidered blouse.  It just adds a regal touch to your outfit. The design does not have to be big and bold, even a simple band with a simple crystal pendant will be enough to make a statement. You can get the rhinestone’s in an array of colours making it easy to match with the rest of your jewellery if an armlet is not included in your set. 
Bajuband’s are very popular in South India due to it’s traditions and what the armlet represents. You can bring a touch of India in to your bridal wear by adding this simple yet stunning piece of jewellery. 

Sari Belt

The sari belt will give anyone that extra push to hit the dance floor. The accessory is so much fun and has so many designs to pick from. 
I love a cascading belt like the one pictured here. It’s the perfect accessory to go with a sari. Not only will it help the sari stay in place ( reducing the need of a million safety pins ) but also curves around the body helping create that perfect hourglass figure. What more can a girl ask for? 
Again, with any jewellery piece you can either go big or small.
Sari belts are available in just a simple chain too with small pendants or jhumki’s. The simple belt option would look great peaking through the side of your hips where your dupatta drapes down. Minimal yet very sexy. 

Hand Chain (Haathphool)

I love the idea of hand jewellery placed on top of a full hand of intricate mendhi. 
On your wedding day, all eyes are on you ( obviously ) from entering the venue to cutting the cake. With an amazing hand chain you could have your Michael Jackson moment. Every move you make, glistening from the light of the videographer’s camera. 
I love the pearls mixed with the gold in this design and how it matches with the rest of the set. The gold gives it the traditional South Asian look and the pearls add a vintage European feel. 
This piece of jewellery works well with a simple bridal outfit as it is a statement piece and would be stacked with your bridal bangles. 

Anklet (Payal)

If your going to walk up the aisle, you better walk in style. I can just hear the jhumki’s chiming as you walk, retro Bollywood songs blaring through the speaker and everyone just getting ready to celebrate. Anklet’s should be on the top of your wish list when it comes to your wedding jewellery. They have been around for centuries, they scream femininity  and are the perfect little accessory. Even though the anklet is out of sight and out of mind as it hides behind your lehengha, I still recommend going all out.  I love a heavily adorned payal with pearl beads and bells draping over down your heels. And although your guests might not see or be able to appreciate this little luxury but your partner certainly will.  
Indian Anklets are usually designed in gold, silver and diamonds so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a pair that match the embroidery or designs of your outfit. 

Hair Jewellery

You’ve adorned your neck in pendants, ears in cascading beads and hands full with a stack of  bangles, but don’t forget your hair! Yes you can get jewellery for your hair. 
You can get a variety of hair accessories from the traditional fresh flower barrettes to hair chains that adorn your forehead but I really love a good hair bun accessory. 
A lot of Indian wedding hairstyles rely on a large bun so that the scarf or veil can be pinned in place and draped down so why not keep it in place with a beautiful hair accessory. It can be worn under the scarf to peek through your veil or even on top of it, pinning your dupatta in place, creating a draped effect and will really create an impact. 
It adds a bit of fun to a usually sophisticated and plain hair style and if you can get a piece that matches your earrings, your winning. 
You can opt for a simple clip with stones and beads, I love how this has cascading jhumkis at the end which would sway left to right as you move having a little dance on it’s own.
I haven’t really seen this accessory in any wedding shops, maybe I need to look a little bit harder. If you are struggling to find one yourself, a simple internet search should lead you to some online boutiques, 

           I hope you enjoyed the jewellery ideas and have added them on to your jewellery wishlist. Follow us on Pinterest, we have a lot more ideas to help                                                                                                                          inspire your wedding day look   | Maharani Luxury 
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