Asian Wedding Bridal Gift Ideas

 Hey Desi Brides, finding a unique wedding gift can be hard, especially when it comes to South Asian weddings where the usual gift is a handful of Salami (cash) or dinnerware collection of plates or cutlery that several other aunties have also gifted from their trip to the local cash and carry. Now there’s nothing wrong with floral plates with matching glassware but sometimes we want to go a little bit extra. So here are our Top 5 Unique Gift ideas perfect for the Bride to be. 

Pumi and Jeeti

Asian Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner: We all know planning a wedding can be stressful. From narrowing down the enormous wedding list usually associated with Asian weddings to finding a caterer who makes the best Pakoras, the to do list just carries on. 
Gifting a wedding planner to any bride to be is not only a cute idea but a helpful one too. 
Having a space to curate all her ideas, jot down colour palette options, write down her measurements for the tailor can help organise the biggest day of her life and streamline to long list of to-do’s. 
Finding a wedding planner can be hard for Indian, Bengali or Pakistani weddings when our functions are a bit more ‘complex’ than others. 
I recommend looking through websites such as Etsy where sellers hand make their items and can easily alter their work to accommodate you. Here’s a great planner I found on Etsy. With the cute little Asian bride on the’s a must have! Shop the planner here


Floral Bouquets

Forever Flowers: Who doesn’t love flowers? They look great, they smell great and are a perfect addition to a home, especially a new home. The downside is that after a week or so, to put it bluntly, they die. The petals begin to brown, the stems begin to wilt, it’s quite a sad sight. Well not any more, not with forever roses. These luxurious blooms have a life span of up to 2 years. The perfect coffee table centrepiece. I actually adore this idea. I can image it being used as a prop for that perfect Instagram shot. Place your ring on top to show off your rings or even cupcakes from the wedding. 
I found this brand during a trip to the Asian Wedding Show in Bradford and fell in love. They had these bouquets in different colours and sizes and the craftsman ship was impeccable. Shop the collection here

Ayesha Ziya


Perfume: Some may say gifting perfume is the easiest option. It’s associated with last minute ‘ I forgot to buy my other half a present for that really big event she’s been hinting at for weeks’ gifting options from the bumbling other half. 
However, picking a wedding scent can be magical. Have you ever smelt a perfume you have worn in the past and it’s evoked a memory, good or bad? That’s the magic part. Picking out a fragrance that the bride to be will forever associate with her wedding day is a beautiful gift to give, but it’s important to get it right. Have you ever visited a beauty counter and awkwardly accepted to be sprayed with the latest designer fragrance that they’re advertising only to leave with a headache that feels like a group of Punjabi musicians are playing the dholki in your head?  As pleasant as fragrances can be, some do not work well with our bodies. This is where your relationship is put up to the test so you can identify which notes the bride to be chooses in her choice of perfumes. 
I think it’s vital to choose a high quality perfume that will last the whole day. We have handpicked Irum by Ayesha Ziya as an option for a signature wedding day fragrance for it’s delicate notes. Shop the luxury oud here


Home Decor Prints

Personalised Wedding Frame: I love this idea. Personalised caricatures of the bride and groom is the perfect way to remember the special occasion. Okay, so you might have to wait for the wedding photos to arrive but good things come to those who wait right? 
I love how you can personalise every single detail, from the skin tone down to the wedding dress itself. All you have to do is send the artist a picture you want them to replicate along with the brides name if you just want to capture an image of the her or the bride and groom. You can even add a special note from yourself, a religious quote  or just get the date of the wedding stamped. 
Gone are the days of bringing out the wedding album to go through all the pictures, worrying about whose fingertips are where. The artwork can be placed inside a frame for all to see. Such a unique gift that you can assure would not be gifted twice. 
It can be hard to find an artist who specialises in Asian weddings however I have done the hard work for you. I cam across this artist on Instagram and have been following her journey now for a while. The work she does is amazing, not only with bridal images but with Islamic calligraphy and personalised mugs.  Shop the artwork here

Maharani Luxury

Luxury Bridal Lashes

Luxury Wedding Lashes: We had to put Maharani Luxury in here. What better way to spoil your friend, sister, daughter or bride to be with a pair of luxury bridal lashes to wear on her big day. The market is saturated with false lashes, you can’t walk down a drugstore without seeing aisles of synthetic lashes, long human hair lashes, short mink lashes. The style options are endless.  Whether shes likes full on dramatic makeup, or clean, neutral and natural look, we’ve got her covered. We have narrowed the options down to 6 luxurious lash styles to suit any bride. Not only are they high quality and will compliment any Asian Wedding Bridal makeup look, they come gift-wrapped in a velvet keepsake box should she want to keep her lashes with her wedding lehenga and jewellery once the big day is over, or even re-use them for her post wedding events. Shop our collection here

                        We hope you like our Top 5 gift ideas for the bride and have implemented our list for the lucky bride to be in your life | Maharani Luxury 
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