Our Philosophy

Home of luxury ready-to-wear eyelashes, here at Maharani Luxury we value impeccable design and superior craftsmanship. 
We have created a collection of Luxury False Eyelashes for your wedding day handcrafted using the finest sourced Siberian mink hairs.
Working only with highly experienced and skilled artisans, each strand of fur is individually selected and placed on the band by our artisans who see each lash through to it’s completion to create the world’s most luxurious eyelashes. Our commitment to fine design and quality craftsmanship ensures that every pair of Maharani Luxury Bridal Eyelashes are made to the highest standards. 

FOUNDERS: Samina Shah | Mohammad Rahman
PLACE FOUNDED: North West | United Kingdom 

Luxury Mink False Eyelashes Bridal Wedding Lashes

Extraordinary Experiences

All Maharani Luxury  Eyelashes are beautifully gift-wrapped in house and delivered in our signature Maharani Packaging.
Maharani Luxury’s signature packaging is inspired by traditional south Asian weddings. Our timeless red and gold palette communicates love, power and wealth. 

Our Core Values

At Maharani Luxury we have simple key values that are at the heart of the brand. 

Read our BLOG for Inspiration. 

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“He looked into her eyes and fell in love all over again.”

Enter the world of Maharani

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