Hello again Desi Brides, Mehndi Nights are so much fun. It’s the South Asian equivalent of a hen night, where the evening is full of tips from Aunties on how to keep your husband happy, partying, dancing and of course, decorating the bride’s palm with henna stains. Whether it’s just the hands or even her back, Henna can be applied to any part of the body and the creativity is endless. Usually the henna is done by that one family friend who got an A* in Art however now you can find professional Mehndi Artists to apply intricate and unusual designs. I’ve collected a variety of Henna designs that you can take inspiration from to showcase on your wedding day

Back of Hand Mehndhi

Talk to the hand: All eyes are on your hand on your big day, everyone staring to catch a glimpse of that knockout ring. 
Give them another reason to stare by gracefully decorating your hand with intricate and elegant henna art. I am obsessing over this look, the pop of red on the nails against the natural brown stain of the mehndhi with extra jazz coming from the colourful bangles. 
Such a great idea to match with your bridesmaid too without being too overbearing on the colour coding. I can imagine how fun this would be on your mehndhi as well with all you sisters and girl gang together, reminiscing about the past and talking about the future while the artist tinkers away with her cone. 

Back Mehndhi

Party in the back: When we think of henna, we automatically think of our hands and feet. We spend hours endlessly looking online or in bridal magazines looking for designs to replicate. Applying henna is a pre-wedding ritual and an ancient tradition for the bride and groom. Staining the hand is a way to wish good health and prosperity as they both make their journey to marriage.  Now if your a little daring, why not put a modern twist to the ancient ceremony? Decorating your back with henna is a must if you have a low back or backless blouse. With glitter henna cones now available in various colours, you can add a contemporary twist to any design. From this design, you can see the design not only includes the tradition stain, but is decorated with gold and silver glitter henna. You can go all out with by adding rhinestones and pearls to add a bit of depth and really get the party started.

Feet Mehndhi

Walking in Style: These feet were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.
Walking down the aisle that is! 
Shoes? Check. Anklet? Check. Mehndhi? Check. 
I love floral designs and paisley motifs on the feet. I love how the design can be worked up the leg giving the illusion that the design is climbing like a rose climbing over an arbor. 
Again, with this henna inspiration you have the traditional brown stain but you can see hints of maroon inside the flower.
If your outfit is maroon then this is the perfect design for you, however you can add hints of colour using bright menhndhi paste and crystal stones to match the colour or embroidery of your dress. And with a pedicure to match, you’ll have your outfit sealed from head to toe. 
Just make sure your are sat comfortably and have had a bathroom break before getting this done. You’ll be stuck in the same spot for hours.   

Gold Henna Tattoo

Golden Goddess: If your a go-getter and too busy to set aside a few hours to get your henna done, or even if you are having a last minute wedding and don’t have time to book a henna artist then these flash tattoos are your best friend.
Simply place the tattoo on the desired spot, dampen with a sponge and 30 seconds later you have been tatted up. 
So simple yet effective. There’s so much you can do with these and in little or no time whatsoever. You can create faux armlets, bangles, anklets, so if your having a beach wedding in the scorching sun, I would most definitely opt for this option. On top of that, you won’t have to put up with the torture of scrubbing off the henna when it starts to fade.

Full Hand Mehndhi

Mehndhi laga ke rakhna: I’m sure you’ve heard of the old wives tale ‘the darker the mehndhi, the more your husband will love you’
Now Aunties pass down a lot of wisdom from their own experience, this one I can safely say, you can ignore. However, I’m sure they would have told you about the customary practise of hiding the grooms name or initials within the design. This one i’m all for! 
Many palm designs start from the finger tips and travel down to your arms. I love how creative this design is with the hearts interlocking, This would just look amazing on those bridal shots you’ll take for your wedding video!

                                   I hope you been inspired by the henna designs on this blog and have them saved for inspiration. Follow us on Pinterest, we have a lot more ideas to help                                                                                                                          inspire your wedding day look   | Maharani Luxury 

                                                                                                                         All Images are copyright to their respected owners. 

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