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Aaah your wedding day, the most important day in any girls life. The day everyone is happy to run around  after you,  they day you say bye to your single life, the day you sign on that dotted line and THE DAY when all eyes are on YOU.. No pressure hey? It can be nerve-wrecking finding a makeup artist who can work with your skin tone,  match your makeup to your outfit and most importantly, understand the look you are aiming for. Makeup artists will often update their portfolio, showcasing the brides they have worked with and show you amazing before and afters. However this can make it even harder to find inspiration when you have so many options. We’ve narrowed down some beautiful bridal looks for you to help you get an idea of what bridal looks will suit you.

Traditional Bengali Bride

Heavy Glam Asian Wedding Makeup

This is my all time favourite makeup look. The whole look is just put together perfectly. I love the deep red alongside the classic Asian gold jewellery and with the lips to match? This is perfection.
Such an elegant and traditional look and the colour palette matches brilliantly with the bride’s deep complexion.  Emphasis has  been placed on the eyes and the lips, so if you like a very heavy glam, this look is for you. The designs of the dupatta is very minimal so having it draped over your wedding lehengha, while armoured with layers of gold and full on glam, you can rest assure the accessories will compliment each other.  The bride here is Sabina Hannan who is a beauty influencer on youtube, and guess what? She has recreated this look on her channel so be sure to check it out here
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Simple Bridal Makeup Look

Simple Glam Asian Wedding Makeup

Not all of us enjoy a full face of heavy makeup, and there’s nothing wrong with that! You can still look amazing without layers of foundation, eyeshadow and highlighter. This is the ideal look if you are looking for a simple yet glam makeover. The lips are the focus of the look here and you can see how it works cohesively with the neutral colour palette. A single stroke of liner to create definition to the eye, defined eyebrows and a hue of pink on the cheeks to add some colour. You can let the accessories do the talking here. The bigger the better I say. I love how although the look is simple, the statement tikka and earrings work well together to create this bridal look. 
I like this look particularly with a neutral colour palette, so if your outfit is cream, beige or light gold, you can recreate this look and add that pop of colour with a red lip. 
I would also note to invest in a good makeup artist when going for a classic natural look, you may not think that you would need a highly qualified makeup artist for a look like this, but the amount of work that goes in to perfect the skin, you want to ensure you have a makeup artist with years of expertise. 
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Full on Glam Makeup Look

Heavy Glam Asian Wedding Makeup

As the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. And wow, this bride is looking fire with this smokey eye makeup.  
I love how the eyes are dark but not overpowering. And those lashes are reaching to the high heavens! 
Again, a duo of heavy glam on the eye and lips however the glass skin and light hue of blush neutralise the makeup from going overboard.  This look is quite malleable and would work with any outfit regardless of the colour albeit changing the colour of the lipstick.  The bride here is Mariyah Ahmed, or you may know her as VanityFemme on Social Media. Her makeup was done by Sadiya Rahman and many fans of Mariyah have recreated this look for their wedding day. 
Hint: Our Koh-i-Noor Luxury Bridal Lashes will suit this look. 

Golden Glow Makeup Look

Heavy Glam Asian Wedding Makeup

SHOWSTOPPING! If your going to arrive, arrive in style. This look just screams luxury to me. Your sure to turn heads with this full on golden goddess inspired makeup. 
The bride looks like an absolute doll. I blend on the eye shadow is impeccable. The nude glossy lips accompanied with the brown and gold glitter eye shadow is faultless. 
I’m a fan of this look with he pink/beige outfit but brown is such a versatile colour so this look will work well with most colour palettes. 
You can be dripped in jewellery and draped in a heavily embellished sari without any aspects of your look overpowering the other. Finished off with the vintage hairstyle, the whole look works flawlessly together. 
The makeup artist responsible for this aesthetic is ShaneeqBridal a popular Makeup Artist who specialises in Bridal and Celebrity Makeup. If you love this look, you will love her vast portfolio and signature style.
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Classic Indian Bride

Simple Glam Asian Wedding Makeup

She’s the kind of girl you bring home to your mother. A classic Indian Bridal look with a contemporary twist. Not to heavy on the glam but enough to cause a stir. The whole look compliments her brown eyes. Although the pop of colour is on the lips, you get drawn to the eyes.  With the right pair of lashes, white liner for your water line. You can get this doe eyed look too. 
This look is timeless and coherent with any traditional or modern bridal wear. The shade of the lipstick gives it quite a vintage feel alongside the bindi. If your the middleman and don’t want to go too glam or too simple, this bridal look should be your inspiration. I love how traditional she looks but love the twist with the modern floral outfit and statement ethnic jewellery. 
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                    I hope you feel inspired by the bridal looks we have curated. Follow us on Pinterest, we love sharing wedding makeup inspiration   | Maharani Luxury 
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